complaints mechanism

Our reputation is crucial if we are to achieve our vision of a responsible worldwide supply chain that promotes trust in the jewellery and watch industry. When you raise a complaint against a potential non-conformance it helps us protect the integrity of our certification. RJC certification is highly regarded recognition of a member company’s commitment to sustainable business practices and responsible jewellery.

RJC Certified Members make a commitment to observe responsible business practices in line with the RJC Code of Practices – where they do not we will investigate. To ensure the fair, timely and objective resolution of complaints we use a defined complaints mechanism. The RJC Complaints Mechanism provides clear guidance on how to make a complaint relating to potential non-conformance with the RJC certification programs. Therefore, before making your complaint please familiarise yourself with the process.

RJC Member Complaint

How to raise a complaint relating to potential non-conformance with RJC certification programs.

We take non-conformance seriously. If you feel an RJC Certified Member is not complying with the Code of Practices, you have the right to complain. We treat all valid complaints fairly and as quickly as possible. To help us do this, we ask that you use our official Complaints Mechanism.

To make a complaint:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the process (download the RJC Complaints Mechanism document)
  2. Check the eligibility and suitability criteria (refer to Section A of the document)
  3. Prepare and submit your complaint (refer to Section B of the document)

We’re here to help:

If you have any questions or need any support in preparing and submitting your complaint, please contact us.

+44 20 7321 0992 ext 211

Consumer Complaint

For customers who wish to complain about the quality of a product.

The RJC receives complaints from consumers who wish to raise awareness of quality issues with a product they have purchased. Whilst in most cases these issues would not come under the scope of the RJC complaints mechanism for investigation, we will help in any way we can to secure consumer confidence in the watch and jewellery industry.

In the first instance consumers should contact the company they purchased the jewellery from directly. However, consumers may also wish to seek advice from citizens advice or trading standards initiative based in their local country or another membership initiative for the jewellery industry. Below are some useful contacts: