SDG Task Force

Establishment of an SDG Task Force for RJC

The Decade of Action calls for an acceleration of action to address the world’s biggest challenges, from gender to climate, peace and clean water. RJC is committed to leading the jewellery & watch industry on its efforts, by creating an action platform for the jewellery and watch industry to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) by 2030. We believe in the importance of partnerships for scalable and meaningful impact and have created the SDG Taskforce to deliver on this commitment.

Partnerships for the 2030 agenda is the only way forward.

Objectives of the SDG Task Force

The SDG Taskforce will:

  • Establish an SDG action Platform to coordinate the efforts of the industry.
  • Launch a global library of best practices on the SDGs implementation.
  • Function as a think-tank for new and collaborative projects on SDG implementation.
  • Report regularly about the progress made through the Annual RJC Progress Report and case studies.
  • Provide input into the RJC 2030 Roadmap and supporting member metrics, which will enable members to measure and report progress on the SDGs.

Composition of the taskforce

The Taskforce will be co-chaired by 2 representatives from RJC commercial members, with strategic guidance by external advisor – Georg Kell. The members of the SDG Taskforce will reflect the whole jewellery & watch value chain:

• Two representatives from each of RJC’s commercial member fora
• Two representatives from commercial members who are small enterprises
• Five representatives from trade associations members
• Two representatives from industry organisations who are not RJC members

Two external recognised experts also join the taskforce, bringing with them SDG experience and insight from the NGO and academic communities

Call to action: Join the SDG Taskforce

The closing date for applications to join the SDG Taskforce has passed. Applications have been reviewed and the participants will be announced shortly. If you have any questions about the SDG taskforce, please contact Bethan Robson Herbert, Senior Manager – Impacts (


Taskforce participant criteria

The appointment of members as Taskforce participants by RJC will be guided by the following criteria:


  • A representative of an RJC commercial member who is already certified or is actively working towards certification.
  • Working in the field of sustainable development or has a strong interest in this area.
  • Actively implementing or championing the SDGs in their company, or in the wider jewellery and watch supply chain.
  • Committed to taking leadership, reporting progress on how the company is implementing the SDGs and willing to share impact case studies with the wider industry.
  • Willing to commit reasonable amount of time and resources to actively participate in the SDG Taskforce, including but not limited to review of materials, feedback, reporting, and taking part in quarterly meetings.


  • Actively collaborating/partnering with external organisations to advance SDG implementation.
  • Has experience analysing large data sets and/or measuring impacts in any area of sustainable development and/or SDGs.